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14 February 2020

Study on global AGEing and adult health

South Africa National Report
20 December 2018

74th Congress of the Italian Society of Pediatrics

Massimo Agosti, Laura Morlacchi, Francesco Tandoi, Angela Bossi S.C. Neonatologia, Terapia Intensiva Neonatale e Pediatria Verbano, ASST dei Sette Laghi - Polo universitario, Ospedale "F. Del Ponte", Varese, Italy

09 October 2018

Program of the "Physical Activity and Quality of Life"

Dr. Wilhelm Márta, Ollmann Ágnes
03 August 2017

The Hidden Features of Breathing

Aynur Şahin, Serkan Doğru, İsmail Okan, Fatih Altıparmak and Mustaffa Süren
16 February 2017

Home-based maintenance telerehabilitation reduces the risk for acute exacerbations of COPD, hospitalisations and emergency department visits

Maroula Vasilopoulou, Andriana I. Papaioannou, Georgios Kaltsakas, Zafeiris Louvaris, Nikolaos Chynkiamis, Stavroula Spetsioti, Eleni Kortianou, Sofia Antiopi Genimata, Anastasios Palamidas, Konstantinos Kostikas, Nikolaos G. Koulouris and Ioannis Vogiatzis
01 September 2016

Biomarkers of Human Cardiopulmonary Response After Short-Term Exposures to Medical Laser-Generated Particulate Matter From Simulated Procedures

Ramon Lopez, PhD, Mark O. Farber, MD, Vincent Wong, MD, and Steven E. Lacey, PhD, CIH, CSP
12 February 2016

Feasibility of spirometry in primary care to screen for COPD: a pilot study

Violaine Giraud, Alain Beauchet, Thierry Gomis, Thierry Chinet
01 February 2016

Telemonitoring system for home rehabilitation of patients with COPD

Maroula Vasilopoulou
01 September 2015

Board of The Egyptian Journal of Bronchology (EJB)

Tarek Safwat, Adel Kattab, Ashraf Hatem, Essam Gouda, Adel Saeed, Ashraf Madkour, Editorial Coordinator
24 June 2015

Epidemiological and clinical characteristics, spirometric parameters and response to budesonide/formoterol in patients attending an asthma clinic: an experience in a developing country

Hassan Imad, Ged Yasir, Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Department of Medicine 1443, King Abdulaziz Medical City, King Fahad National Guard Hospital, PO Box 22490, Riyadh 11426, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Medical Officer, Department of Medicine, National Ribat University Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan
04 June 2014

Human Centred Design Considerations for Connected Health Devices for the Older Adult

Richard P. Harte, Liam G. Glynn, Barry J. Broderick, Alejandro Rodriguez-Molinero, Paul M. A. Baker, Bernadette McGuiness, Leonard O’Sullivan, Marta Diaz, Leo R. Quinlan and Gearóid ÓLaighin
26 February 2014

Perioperative gabapentin for the prevention of persistent pain after thoracotomy: a randomized controlled trial

Kasper Grosen, Asbjørn Mohr Drewes, Anette Højsgaard, Mogens Pfeiffer-Jensen, Vibeke Elisabeth Hjortdal and Hans Kristian Pilegaard
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