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Turbine Sensor Flowmeter

MIR spirometers implement a digital turbine flowmeter technology, based on the infrared interruption principle.

A disposable sensor is available. flowMIR™ is individually sealed and pre-calibrated in MIR factory, ready to use.

No need for daily calibration and cleaning and no laboratory equipment needed before you start the daily practice.

flowMIR disposable turbine is a medical device class IIa, protected by an International Patent.

Refrain from using similar turbines from other manufacturers and other brands. Only use MIR™ original products  in their original MIR branded package.

The orange Single Patient Reusable Turbine is designed for Personal use only and is NOT recommeneded for Professional use.

numbers don't lie

Disposable turbines sold globally

1 9
0 1 3
8 7 0



Compliant with ATS/ERS accredited Spirometry Guidelines


Not affected by air pressure, humidity, temperature and viscosity


The sensor is psysically isolated from inspiration and expiration flows


Disposable version available

flowMIR is the original and patended disposable sensor with turbine technology

Single patient version available

Low-cost, easy to clean and accurate for Home Care

Calibration software always included

Customizable PDF report for calibration and calibration check via PC software


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MIR turbines overview


Compliant for Accuracy

flowMIR Disposable Turbine

Reusable Turbine flowmeter

Single Patient Reusable Turbine

Compatible Spirometers

All except Spirotel, Smart One and Smart One Oxi All except Minispir Light, Spirotel, Smart One, Smart One Oxi, Spirobank Smart and Spirobank Oxi Only Smart One, Smart One Oxi, Spirobank Smart, Spirobank Oxi


included to be purchased separately included (reusable)

Antiviral Filter

not required to be purchased separately not required

Turbine Disinfection

not required Required (NaCio solution) Required (soapy water)

Turbine Calibration

not required but available via Software at any time not required but available via Software at any time not required


individually sealed in carton dispenser (60pcs or 10pcs) carton box individually sealed in carton box

Metal Mesh

not required included included

Turbine Lifetime

single use (no expiration date) 5 years 1 year

Maintenance cost

none high low