Spirometry, Yes please!

Spirometry is a simple test which is used to measure the air that each individual can breathe. It is the […]


Live Video Exam, yes Please!

Patients can now perform spirometry and oximetry test remotely with the full support in real-time of the HCP (Health Care […]


Oximetry, Yes Please!

Many patients with COVID-19 disease have low oxygen levels even when they are feeling well. Low oxygen levels can be […]


MIR Spirobank App

Mobile App (iOS and Android), for real time spirometry and oximetry test, directly on your Smartphone via Bluetooth Smart 4.0

Since the beginning of the COVID–19 emergency, people seldomly attend doctors’ offices and avoid trips to the hospital whenever possible.

Now more than ever, there is a need of greater accessibility to tools that allow us to personally assess our state of health and, in particular, cardiorespiratory function.

The App connects with Spirobank Smart and Spirobank Oxi, the simplest devices for cost-effective Remote Patient Monitoring and HomeCare protocols.

Software Development Kit for iOS and Android to connect Spirobank Smart directly with your own mobile App.

The App is integrated with Apple “Health” App, shared parameters : PEF, FEV1, SpO2 (%), Pulse (BPM).


Always Included

Unlimited Online Free Updates


Spirometry: PEF, FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC ratio, FEF25/75, FEV6, Evol, PEF Time, FEF75, FEF25, FEF50
Oximetry: SpO2 (%), Pulse (BPM)

Spirometry Guidelines

Acceptabilty Messages, Quality Control Grade, Acceptable Trials, Variability of FEV1 and FVC, Pictograms, according to the latest Spirometry Standards


Real time animation on Smartphone, to improve personal compliance during the test


Predicted Sets and Predicted Values

Suitable for all ages from 5 to 93 years and multi-ethnic groups (GLI predicted sets)

Share Medical Report

Share results in PDF with anyone at anytime via email/whatsapp/cloud/drive bluetooth/airdrop

Video Live Exam

Real-time video support of your Healthcare Provider is now available.

Print Medical Report

Direct print via Bluetooth External Printer


E-diary, symptoms and notes can be added for each test. Easy-to-read graphic trends for self-monitoring of spirometry and oximetry.


Real time plethysmoghaphic curve on display. Oximetry results can also be added manually.

Languages available

Italiano, English

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System Requirements

iOS ≥ 8 (iPhone/iPod)
Android ≥ 4.4
To use Live Video Exam:
iPhone 6 and later with iOS ≥ 11
Android ≥ 5.0

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