Spirometry, Yes please!

Spirometry is a simple test which is used to measure the air that each individual can breathe. It is the […]


Live Video Exam, yes Please!

Patients can now perform spirometry and oximetry test remotely with the full support in real-time of the HCP (Health Care […]


Oximetry, Yes Please!

Many patients with COVID-19 disease have low oxygen levels even when they are feeling well. Low oxygen levels can be […]

Therapeutic educational pathway effect on asthma control: a pilot study

Laura Montalbano, Giovanna Cilluffo, Velia Malizia, Salvatore Fasola, Manuel Gentile, Marco Arrigo, Dario La Guardia, Mario Allegra, Nicola Murgia, Simona Pichini, Rosanna Mancini, Maria Concetta Rotolo, Stefania La Grutta

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