Spirometry, Yes please!

Spirometry is a simple test which is used to measure the air that each individual can breathe. It is the […]


HomeCare, Yes please!

COVID-19 has caused a massive acceleration in the use of Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring. The time to act is […]


Oximetry, Yes Please!

Oximetry is yet another vital sign, expressed by a single number known as SpO2. This is the percentage measurement of […]

Genetic and environmental factors on the relation of lung function and arterial stiffness

David Laszlo Tarnoki, Adam Domonkos Tarnoki, Zsofia Lazar, Emanuela Medda, Levente Littvay, Rodolfo Cotichini, Corrado Fagnani, Maria Antonietta Stazi, Lorenza Nisticó, Pierleone Lucatelli, Emanuele Boatta, Chiara Zini, Fabrizio Fanelli, Claudio Baracchini, Giorgio Meneghetti, Gyorgy Jermendy, István Préda, Róbert Gábor Kiss, Kinga Karlinger, Agnes Lannert, Giuseppe Schillaci, Andrea Agnes Molnar, Zsolt Garami, Viktor Berczi, Ildiko Horvath

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