Spirometry, Yes please!

Spirometry is a simple test which is used to measure the air that each individual can breathe. It is the […]


Live Video Exam, yes Please!

Patients can now perform spirometry and oximetry test remotely with the full support in real-time of the HCP (Health Care […]


Oximetry, Yes Please!

Many patients with COVID-19 disease have low oxygen levels even when they are feeling well. Low oxygen levels can be […]



Handheld, Stand-alone and PC-Based Spirometer, with Oximetry option

Touchscreen Spirometer and 3D Oximeter: 6MWT, Sleep Test, 24h SpO2 Holter.

Detachable flowmeter head to facilitate Oximetry Test during 6 Minute Walk Test.

Two International Patents granted for this product: Design Copywrite and Multifunctional capabilities.

Wireless Real-Time Test also available on PC, via Bluetooth and USB.

Lightweight and easy to carry on-the-go, with long-life Rechargeable Battery.

Unique feature: can be configured for both Doctor’s Office or for Patient Home use

Desktop version available


Real-Time Test

Spirometry: FVC, VC, IVC, MVV, PRE/POST Bronchodilator comparison
3D Oximetry (optional): Spot test (SpO2, Pulse), 6MWT, Sleep Test, 24h SpO2 Holter Test.

Carry everywhere

LCD Touchscreen Display, long battery life, large internal storage, carrying case included

PC Connection

Real-Time Test on PC screen, EHR/EMR integration, internal memory back-up and more.


And other Standards including ISO 26782 (for Spirometry), ISO 23747 (for PEF), ISO 80601-2-61 (for Oximetry), and more



MIR devices are compatible with the use of disposable in-line filters as recommended by the ERS

Predicted Sets and Predicted Values

Large Selection of Predicted Sets (including GLI) and Predicted Values (including comparison %Pred, Z-score and LLN)

EHR Connectivity

Via PC, integration with patient database on your EHR/EMR (in HL7, GDT)

6 Minutes Walk Test

6MWT is available with the Oximetry Option: measure the response of a cardiopulmonary system involved in exercise. Click to display the complete list of parameters.

Sleep Test

Sleep test is available with the Oximetry Option: sleep desaturation analysis, record events as well as body position, allow a fast and reliable diagnosis. Click to display the complete list of parameters.

24H Holter Test

24H Holter is available with the Oximetry Option: measure desaturation events in daily activities and translates them into the amount of oxygen required by the patient. Click to display more info and details.

Always included

USB cable

for PC connection


recommended by ATS/ERS guidelines

Carrying case

to carry on the go

PC Software license

up to 5 computers

Plastic hard case and belt

included with Oximetry Option

Finger Probe

included with Oximetry Option

compatible turbines

Discover all about turbines

Compliant for Accuracy

flowMIR™Disposable Turbine

ReusableTurbine Flowmeter


Included To be purchased separately

Antiviral Filter

Not required To be purchased separately

Turbine Disinfection

Not required Required

Turbine Calibration

Not required but available via software at any time Not required but available via software at any time


Individually sealed in carton dispenser (60pcs or 10pcs) Carton box

Compatible Softwares


Winspiro PRO

Windows-based complete and powerful software solution for Spirometry, Oximetry and Telemedicine. Perform a real time test for your patients, including […]


spiro Connect

Windows-based Basic Software Solution, for direct integration with your EHR/EMR. For who requires a real time testing software integrated with […]


Support - FAQ

All frequently asked questions,
software updates and
updated documentation.


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