Product: Spirolab

01 January 2017

Correlation between spirometry dates and special allergen-specific IgE in patients with bronchial asthma in West Georgia

Sepiashvili R., Chikhladze M., Khachapuridze D., Gamkrelidze S.
25 June 2015

Pulmonary function tests in patients with Parkinson's disease: A case‑control study

LF Owolabi, M Nagoda, M Babashani
27 May 2014

Effect of endurance training on lung function: a longitudinal study

Sandip Hulke
19 May 2014

Lean Body Mass Can Predict Lung Function in Underweight and Normal Weight Sedentary Female Young Adults

Ahmad Azad, Akram Zamani
17 October 2013

Evaluation of symptoms & spirometry in children treated for asthma

Shobi Anandi, Milind S. Tullu & Keya Lahiri
21 September 2013

A new method for measuring pulmonary function parameters

YANG Jianming, ZHONG Shenghe, LIANG Feixue, GUO Jinsong, LI Weilong, LI Jinming
29 May 2013

Spirometry in children

Kana Ram Jat
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