Spirometry, Yes please!

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Oximetry, Yes Please!

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Clinical Insights

Lung function testing during COVID-19 pandemic

More about the filters supplied by MIR

The filter supplied by MIR is a class IIa medical device, which meets the requirements of standard 2 Annex IX of the medical device directive 93/42 and standard 5 Annex VIII MDR 2017 / 745. Therefore, it is possible to declare that the Antibacterial and Antiviral filter supplied by MIR can be inserted into the patient’s mouth.

The filters supplied by MIR offer a high level of antibacterial and antiviral protection. The table below demonstrate the strong antibacterial and antiviral capacity of the filter. Although some resistance is generated that is impossible to avoid, the structure of the filter and its composition make this impedance irrelevant for the purposes of an accurate Spirometry test.


Fig. 4 – Technical details of the filters supplied by MIR.

To guarantee the correct level of disinfection of MIR devices, users must carefully follow the reprocessing instructions reported in MIR user manuals. Such instructions are applicable to reduce the risk of contamination also during COVID-19 pandemic.

1- Source: ERS 9.1 Statement on lung function during COVID-19 Final with Contributors

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