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Spirometry is a simple test which is used to measure the air that each individual can breathe. It is the […]


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Oximetry, Yes Please!

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Clinical Insights

Cheyne Stokes Syndrome diagnosed with a 3D oximeter

In addition to the desaturation a cyclical movement called periodicity was shown with  an asymmetrical look different from that of OSAS.

Fig. 4 – Sleep oximetry: partial tracing that shows the periodicity of desaturation.

In this case the descent of the desaturation occurs in several stages: first slow descent along the plateau due to hypoventilation and second rapid descent due to an almost cessation of flow ( apnea). Finally, the subsequent slow ascent due to the gradual resumption of normal ventilation.

Fig. 5 – Sleep oximetry: an example of an episode of desaturation due to Cheyne Stokes Respiration.
Fig. 6 – Sleep oximetry: a sequence of desaturation of the subject under consideration due to Cheyne Stokes Respiration.

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