Spirometry, Yes please!

Spirometry is a simple test which is used to measure the air that each individual can breathe. It is the […]


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Oximetry, Yes Please!

Oximetry is yet another vital sign, expressed by a single number known as SpO2. This is the percentage measurement of […]

Clinical Insights

Cheyne Stokes Syndrome diagnosed with a 3D oximeter

A patient with severe heart failure had a resting SpO2 values ​​at the lower limit of normal , but had brief episodes of desaturation ( SpO2 falls ) as if hypo ventilated.

He also reported wheezing for minimal effort and episodes of nocturnal awakenings with a sense of suffocation.

He performed a 3D oximetry test during his sleep with a particular oximeter equiped with an accelerometer that allows the phases of movement (ie awake) to be distinguished by presumed sleep periods and to identify the positions taken during the sleep just as a polysomnography does.

The result was surprising: at first glance the plot suggested the presence of typical rapid desaturation sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS ).

Fig. 1 – Sleep oximetry : tracing the entire night.

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