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#MIRtogether with IEM eHealth solutions for patient care

Q&A session with Mr. Kevan White, Head of Sales at IEM GmbH.

Q. What is the main business of your Company, your mission and achievements
A. IEM is a German manufacturer of validated medical devices, software and services, with 25 years of experience in cardiovascular diseases. Internationally, IEM has an established brand name recognition and a quality reputation for providing premium products and solutions. Acknowledged as a leading technology expert for hypertension management, IEM covers screening, diagnostics and follow-up management and supports global CROs and leading Universities in performing medical studies.
Vision: Offering the best solutions for healthcare partners in cardiovascular management – for the patients benefit.
Mission: The provision of innovative technologies for our healthcare partners and the patients benefit.

Q. Why you chose MIR as a partner for spirometry?
A. Well, definitely because of the benefits of MIR Spirotel bluetooth Spirometer:
• Approved medical product with high measurement accuracy
• User-friendly thanks to ease of handling, large touch screen and automated data transmission via Bluetooth
• Suitable for use with different patients thanks to replaceable turbines
• Optimised treatment monitoring and ability to intervene promptly
• Increased patient satisfaction and safety
• Minimised workload for doctors, medical professionals and patients

Q. Is your software product designed specifically to help patients with a specific disease (e.g. asthma, COPD, CF, IPF, etc.)?
A. The IEM eHealth solutions have been developed to enable the monitoring of all standard “vital signs” ranges. By combining our partners’ innovative healthcare programmes with IEM eHealth services, we work together to improve people’s health. The number of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes mellitus and COPD worldwide is increasing year-on-year. These conditions result in reduced quality of life and a shorter life expectancy, and put a huge strain on the healthcare sector.

Q. What makes your solution unique compared to other solutions available in the market?
A. The “IEM eConnect”, which is approved as a medical product, was specifically designed for telemonitoring in care projects, doctors’ practices and clinical environments. The high level of interoperability allows other Bluetooth devices to be connected to the IEM eConnect on demand so that all needed measured values can be imported with just one modem and transmitted securely via IEM Gateway-Server (medical product). The elegant design and easy plug-and-play handling makes the IEM eConnect ideal for use in a domestic environment. Strengths:
• High patient acceptance among all age groups thanks to easy plug-and-play use
• Minimised time and workload thanks to automated receipt and transmission of measurements
• Customised implementation of telemonitoring solutions thanks to high interoperability
Easy plug-and-play operation and automatic delivery of measurement data
• High data security thanks to communication encryption by this approved medical product
• Enables interoperability with almost any measurement device with Bluetooth support
• Ability to transmit data to third-party solutions via IEM Gateway-Server (medical product)

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