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There are many advantages
of using MIR online tech support

MIR guarantees both MIR Distributors and MIR Users worldwide on-line specialized remote assistance and technical support in several different languages including Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch.

Assistance is available Monday to Friday 9.00 AM - 17.30 PM (Italian time - UTC/GMT +1 hour).You just sit back and relax, our technicians will solve just about any type of problem or doubt you may have using our devices. In addition, by using screen sharing technology, one of our highly skilled technicians will fix your MIR winspiroPRO using remote assistance

Online Tech Support

From Monday to Friday
9.00 AM - 17.30 PM
(Italian time - UTC/GMT +1 hour)


Data Backup

Q: How do I export or get the backup of the data? Do I need a password?

A: Password is WINSPIRO (same as the username).


Checking calibration of the device

Q: How often should I calibrate my device?

A: The device calibration is not compulsory, you can make a test either stand alone or with winspiroPRO using a calibrated 3-litre calibration syringe.


Connecting Spirolab to the PC via USB

Q: I try to connect my Spirolab to the PC via USB, but it does not work, I'm using winspiroPRO version 6.7.0.

A: You should upgrade your software version to 6.8.0

USB connection

Q: USB connection: why does my spirometer not connect to the PC?

A: Check that the driver is installed correctly. Check that the USB cable is correctly connected to the PC Check that the USB cable is not connected through a port replicator, it MUST be direct.


Q: Why is my device not working properly with my new operating system? (Windows 7 or Windows 8)

A: You should always install the latest version of winspiroPRO to update the drivers. (If you are using a serial to USB converter then remember that the communication has to be set to COM and NOT USB in WinspiroPRO/configuration).

Error during the export to PDF

Q: I'm using WinspiroPRO Pc software and unfortunately I get error during the export to PDF, what should I do?

A: The problem is now fixed on all MIR Products from the following versions on

Software Version

Winspiro PRO ver. 6.7.0
Winspiro PRO NET ver. 6.7.100
Winspiro LIGHT ver. 2.6.0
Winspiro EXPRESS ver. 1.10.0
(Spiro CONNECT wasn't affected by this issue)
So according to the MIR device you are using, update the corresponding Winspiro software on your PC.

Winspiro PRO if you are using Minispir, Spirolab family, Spirobank family, Spirodoc
Winspiro Light if you are using Minspir Light
Winspiro Express if you are using Spirobank USB

For updating Your existing Software please contact us.

No connection between the Spirobank II Smart and the iPAD

Q: I've upgraded my iPAD internal software to the latest iOS 11, but since then my Spirobank II Smart and my ipAD no longer connect. What shall I do?

A: If you’ve upgraded your iPAD to iOS 11, and your Spirobank II Smart has a firmware version ≥ 2.8, you also need to upgrade the Bluetooth firmware version of yourSpirobank II Smart. You can perform this action via your iPAD. Please install the dedicated APP we released which is called FIX SPIRO: go to: Apple Store app -> Search -> Mir Spiro
open download directly on your iPad from the App Store: via this link.
The FIX SPIRO APP will automatically guide you till the bluetooth firmware upgrade.

Still no connection after I've installed the FIX SPIRO APP

Q: I've installed the FIX SPIRO APP but still cannot connect the Spirobank Smart to the iPAD. What did I do wrong?

A: Nothing wrong, but just need to restart your spirometer Blueooth connection. You must suspend your spirometer Bluetooth connection by selecting these options: "Config -> Suspend Bluetooth". Then turn OFF your device. Wait a minute and turn your device ON again. Restarting your device will authomatically restart its Bluetooth connection, and a Bluetooth logo displayed on your device screen

Sharing/Print option on MIR Spiro APP for iPAD

Q: I no longer can share and print the pdf report of the spirometry test from my iPAD. What happened!

A: As simple as that: you need to install/update the new version of Mir Spiro on your iPad! Got to Apple Store app -> Search -> Mir Spiro
open download directly on your iPad from the App Store: via this link


Which MIR software should I choose?

iSpirometry - iOximetry iSpirometry - iOximetry

iOS Based
Simple and intuitive App for Spirometry and Oximetry test directly on your iPad.

SpiroConnect SpiroConnect

For direct integration into EMR
The most innovative and simple solution to integrate spirometry and oximetry with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or to a doctor office management program.

PC minimum installation required

Q: Are there any installation requirements on my PC to install winspiroPRO?

A: MIR softwares is compatible with all windows-based operating systems, but still there are some minimum requirements.
If your system does not meet these requirements, the winspiroPRO software may not run correctly:

  • Operating system Windows 2000 o Windows XP o Windows Vista, windows Seven 32 bit, windows Seven 64bit and windows Vista 64bit
  • Pentium III-class PC 500 MHz or higher recommended
  • RAM 128 MB of RAM (256 MB preferred)
  • Display Designed for XGA resolution at 1024 × 768 or higher
  • Hard Disk 500MB free space
  • Administrative privileges on the system
  • USB port
  • Serial port or USB-RS232 converter for RS232 devices
We also recommend having an additional 100 MB of free disk space on your “C:” drive for use by Windows during the installation.

WinspiroPRO WinspiroPRO

Complete and powerful version for specialists and homecare
Offers different communication protocols
Supports Telemedicine projects
Advanced features for oximetry management including nocturnal desaturation analysis and body position during sleep and 6-minute walk test.

WinspiroPRO WinspiroPRO NET

The network version of WinspiroPRO.

Winspiro Light Winspiro Light

Software for Real Time Spirometry on your PC

Winspiro Express Winspiro Light

PDF spirometry reports generator

Software Update

Q: How can I update my software?

A: Please use the link below to download the latest version of the winspiroPRO software:


Copy and paste this link into your browser and run the setup file.
Note that the registration is required within 60 days of first installation.

WinspiroPRO Net

Q: How can I access WinspiroPRONET as an administrator?

A: Username: WINSPIRO Password: WINSPIRO.

Q: I am using the correct user name and password to register but am still getting the message
"Your PIN must be submitted with the same e-mail and password used for the first copy of this licence."

A: You are using the wrong email or wrong password.
Please use the same email and password you used for the first registration.

Internal memory

Q: How do I cancel the internal memory of my spirometer?

A: Digit the following code: 122333 (If you have SpirobankG USB or Spirobank USB or Spirobank II digit : ▼ ◄◄ ▲▲▲)


First Registration

Q: How do I register my software?

A: For your first winspiroPRO registration click here:


For FURTHER winspiro Registration

A: Click here:


Q: How many software registrations can I register on the website?

A: The maximum registration requests allowed to one account to 5 requests..

Q: What should I do if I want to register more than 5 accounts?

A: Please send us the email address you use for registration and the number of further registrations you need.

Q: How long can I try winspiroPro before registering?

A: 60 days.


Q: How do I get a PINCODE?

A: You first need to install and open winspiroPRO and you see the PIN Number in the left corner as shown below:

Q: How do I get the PAN number?

A: The PAN number is sent to your email after registration. Check your email box.

Registration: Error Message

Q: After trying to do the registration, winspiro express gives this Error-message: "Unable to create the registry key."

A: You should log-in as an administrator.

MIR Smart One App

Q: I would like to install MIR Smart One App on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo, is it possible?

A: Here's some good news for the smartphone users out there who are sick of all the iPhone-only news that seems to flow down the pipeline daily. Anybody with an Android 4.4 or later phone and Bluetooth 4.0 or later, can install a copy of the MIR Smart One app. Depending on your hardware, certain features may or may not work, should it happen click here to head over to us any question

Mobile Devices tested with the APP

MIR has been testing a few models including:
  • ASUS ASUS_Z00AD Android 5.0
  • ASUS ASUS_Z017D Android 7.0
  • HUAWEI CUN-L21 Android 5.1
  • HUAWEI RIO-L01 Android 6.0.1
  • HUAWEI SCL-L01 Android 5.1.1
  • HUAWEI TAG-L01 Android 5.1
  • iPad 3rd Gen iOS 9.3.5
  • iPhone 5 model A1429 iOS 9.3.5
  • iPhone 6 iOS 10.2.1
  • iPhone 6 iOS 9.2
  • iPhone 6 iOS 9.2.1
  • iPhone 6 Plus iOS 10.0.1
  • iPhone 6 Plus iOS 10.0.1
  • iPhone 6S iOS 10.2.1
  • Mediacom M-PPxG410 Android 5.1
  • Motorola Moto G (first generation) Android 4.4.2
  • Motorola XT1635-02 Android 6.0.1
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700F Android 5.0.2
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo GT-I9301I Android 4.4.2
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Android 5.0.1
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F Android 5.1.1
  • Samsung GT-I9505 Android 5.0.1
  • Samsung SM-G531F Android 5.1.1
  • Samsung SM-G800F Android 6.0.1
  • Samsung SM-G920F Android 6.0.1
  • Samsung SM-G935F Android 7.0
  • Samsung SM-J320FN Android 5.1.1
  • Samsung SM-J500FN Android 5.1.1
  • Samsung SM-N910F Android 6.0.1
  • Samsung SM-T585 Android 6.0.1
  • Wiko RAINBOW JAM Android 5.1
  • Wiko RAINBOW JAM Android 5.1

Access you device location

Q: the Smart One App on my Smart Phone, is asking me to “allow Smart One to access my device’s location”. What shall I do?

A: Allow it! it is necessary to allow the Smart One APP to access your device’s location.
This will make the Smart One Spirometer visible via Bluetooth to your Smart Phone, and consequently will enable you to connect your Smart Phone with the device and use it.

Spirobank II

Hong Kong and Wang predicted values

Q: Does spirobank II BLE support Hong Kong predicted values?

A: Yes, starting from firmware version 3.1 onwards.

Q: Does spirobank II support Hong Kong predicted values?

A: Yes, starting from firmware version 2.1 onwards.


Hong Kong and Wang predicted values

Q: Does spirodoc support Hong Kong predicted values?

A: Yes, starting from firmware version 3.7 onwards.

Q: Does spirodoc support Wang predicted values?

A: Yes, starting from firmware version 3.7 onwards.


Direct connection to an External USB printer

Q: I've just purchased a New Spirolab, what are the steps to make a correct connection between my Spirolab and an external USB printer? Do you recommend a specific model?

A: I would suggest downloading the Guide at this Link

MIR Spirolab: loading the paper roll

Q: I've just purchased a MIR Spirolab, what should I do to load the paper roll?

A: Please follow the steps below

Connecting Spirolab to the PC via USB

Q: I try to connect my Spirolab to the PC via USB, but it does not work, I'm using winspiroPRO version 6.7.0.

A: You should upgrade your software version to 6.8.0

Spirolab III

Q: My Spirolab III is no longer printing well, I can barely see what is written on the report. Do I need to replace the ink cartridge?

A: The Spirolab III uses a thermal printer, not an ink printer. Make sure that the battery is fully charged so that the thermal printer has all the energy to "burn" the letters dark enough to be read well.

Q: How can I maximize the battery life of Spirolab III?

A: Once the Spirolab III is fully charged disconnect the power supply from the mains. When the Spirolab III is down to ¼ charge reconnect the power supply to the mains. To maintain full battery capacity a good idea is to cycle the battery two or three times by charging fully and discharging to approx ¼ charge. Do not leave the power supply always connected to the mains.

Q: Error message: the keyboard of my Spirolab gives an error-message: "key 134"

A: Check to see which button on your keyboard is trapped.Please view the following table to see which code corresponds to which button. Once the button is found try to see if it is trapped "stuck" by gently stroking it.

Q: Can I use a disposable turbine on my Spirolab / Spirolab II

A: Yes, you have to update your firmware and buy a miniflowmeter with a cable cod. articolo 910592. Please note that you may only use the disposable turbine. If you wish to use the reusable turbine you must install the proper firmware for this type of turbine.


Cleaning of the Orange turbine

Q: what’s the maintenance required for the Orange single-patient turbine code 910008?

A: the correct operation of any turbine is guaranteed only if it is "clean" and free of foreign objects (such as hairs, etc.).
Simply pull it out of the socket by turning it counterclockwise. Immerse the turbine flowmeter in warm soapy water and agitate the turbine for 2-3 minutes. Rinse in clean water and shake gently to remove any excess water. Allow to air dry on a towel.
Detergent that was tested includes these ingredients: Aqua, coco glucoside, myristyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside, sodium chloride, sodium gluconate, sodium citrate, allyl caproate, ethylene brassylate, methyldihydrojasmonate).

Turbine Cleaning

Q: How do I clean the reusable turbine?

A: We recommend frequent reusable turbine cleaning/sterilization using Perasafe which we sell. It is very important to use this product, as among all the ones available in the market, this is the only one that MIR tested and got all Certification and test results. The product code is 910700.

Q: How often do I need to clean the reusable turbine?

A: The turbine should be cleaned after each test so as to avoid any cross-contamination and to ensure that it is debris-free.


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