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Best medical care?
the initiative!

If you want the best medical care, you have to take the initiative! Nowadays there are millions of technophiles smartphone users. This massive population is ageing, and an increasing number are affected by diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, COPD and asthma.

The consequence is the impossibility for health systems to ensure nationwide care without unsustainable costs. In this scenario a touch of hypochondria that fuels anxiety about our state of health combined with smartphone skills will allow these devices more and more to become providers of medical solutions for this new class of technophiles.

Asthma for example is one of the most well-known chronic diseases which affects people of all ages. The famous USA physician, Thomas L. Petty (1932-2010), in his article "Spirometry is key in asthma management" wrote "no one can manage asthma adequately without a spirometer". Spirometry consists of a simple, non-invasive test, which lasts a matter of seconds allowing an early detection of this disease, in certain cases also 10-15 years prior to symptoms manifestation.

MIR - Medical International Research, a leading Italian company which designs and develops and markets a range of solutions for respiratory analysis, has just launched its new product Smart One.

Smart One is a pocketsize, keyless medical device intended for personal use lung function measurement. It works by connecting automatically to new generation smartphones and tablets, combining wireless technology and Apps on both iOS (Apple) and Android platforms.

Smart One measures Peak Flow and FEV1 calculating the target values and giving a digital readout to satisfy the more experienced users. A traffic light system (based upon green, yellow and red colours) allows a more intuitive interpretation.

For each measurement session, the user can also decide whether to enter notes and symptoms as well as the perceived level of intensity. To increase its usability the App displays an incentive to improve compliance while performing the test.

If the device is used on a daily basis, the parameters and their trend, highlight any change occurring in the user's health condition in order to decide to share the results at any time with a clinician.

The device can be used to monitor asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis and other lung diseases. Users treated by medication can benefit of the advantages such as prevention and reduction of potential exacerbations by daily monitoring the efficacy and adherence to their prescribed treatment.

Smart One can be purchased either at pharmacies or on-line, and will soon be available at large general purpose retail chains.