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MIR is world recognized for a wide range of software packages for specialists in respiratory illnesses, doctors and patients.

In order to best satisfy the numerous needs of customers, MIR's R&D team has developed a large number of software solutions. Please ask one of our sales representatives for customizable protocols and Apps available on request for special applications, innovative projects and Clinical Trials.

All MIR software are supplied with the guarantee of free update.

Professional software solutions for Spirometry and Oximetry

Basic software solutions for Spirometry

MIR Software Development Kit

Windows Based

Measure, visualize and transfer test results.

The perfect solution for direct integration of Spirometry and Oximetry test on your existing Electronic Medical Record

PC software for direct integration with EMR.

Innovative and simple to use tool to integrate a Real Time Spirometry and Oximetry test with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or a Medical Practice Management software.

MIR Software Development Kit performs tests as a Slave systems and is Database–less, therefore it is no longer necessary to duplicate the patient's information.

The essential patient data (age, height, gender, ethnicity) is sent just–in–time by the Master and is kept by MIR Software Development Kit until medical test outcomes are sent back.

Complete set of results is provided including main measured parameters, predicted values and graphic images for an easy integration process.

Standardized communication in HL7 or Exchange Protocol.

Detailed documentation on request and online support for all systems integrators.

MIR Software Development Kit is provided on request for special projects.