A whole lab
in the palm of your hand

Pocket size homecare device
for complete respiratory analysis

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Touchscreen spirometer, Oximeter® 3D Pulse Oximeter, Triaxial Accelerometer, Diary of Symptoms.
Spirotel® is an ideal tool for home care and telemedicine.

Compact and easy to use, it is a faithful friend for any patient who needs to be treated at home.


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Dignio on Vimeo.

Dignio on Vimeo.

Doctor and patient

Ideal for home care and telemedicine.

The intuitive interface and the electronic diary help the patient perform the tests. Transmissions of the results is simple and straightforward using the web connection, the USB and bluetooths technologies.

Pharmaceutical Companies/ Research organizations
Maximum hardware and software customization.

Spirotel® has been already chosen for numerous clinical trials and is also designed for research organizations, or CROs (Contract Research Organization). The key lies in its extreme flexibility.
In this sector, the instrument's excellent customizability is a great advantage, so it will come as no surprise that Spirotel® has been adopted by several companies as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution.
Established over two decades ago, MIR's experience has led to Spirotel®, which ensures that CROs can offer pharmaceutical companies a truly turnkey package, where the quality of all clinical trial phases is guaranteed.

Transplanted Patients

Several countries reimburse Spirotel®

to patients who had lung or marrow transplants . In France Spirotel® is the only device for which the Ministry of Health authorizes a reimbursment for monitoring lung transplanted patients.
Spirotel® is currently used by the following hospitals in France: HEGP, Hp Foch, CC Marie-Lannelongue, Chu Bordeaux Haut-Lévêque, Hp Sainte Marguerite Marseille, Grenoble Michalon Chu, Chu Toulouse.
It is known that one of the early signs of rejection of the new organ is bronchiolites, an infection of the airways which provoke a significant reduction of the FEF25/75.
An economic and non-invasive useful aid to high risk patients.

Anything you've ever wanted from a portable laboratory

Spirotel® Functionality
for assessing lung function

The turbine flow meter with plastic mouthpiece is easy to remove for cleaning. It is robust and can be reused, thus ensuring accurate measurements throughout the long life of the product.

Electronic diary
for monitoring home therapy

This feature helps the patient fill out default or custom questionnaires and reports, which can be used to assess his/her health and to communicate with healthcare professionals.

for measuring blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate

The Oximeter® 3D pulse oximeter is an exclusive MIR patent that correlates SpO2 measurement with triaxial accelerometer functions that detect patient physical activity and body position while desaturation episodes are being recorded: whetever the patient is at rest, walking or sleeping, the results are shown directly on the display.

Triaxial accelerometer
with movement analisys

Embedded step counter to measure physical activity, values such as the distance traveled during a test, and body position during sleep can all be estimated.

Spirotel® Connectivity
Comprehensive communication
Transmits data via USB, Bluetooth®, email, FTP

Analytical results from Spirotel® can be sent via the USB cable to any PC, even when the patient is travelling.
A software application then extracts the data and sends it to a server.

Spirotel® can also perform short‐range data transmission using the Bluetooth® standard: a safe, practical method involving no complex cabling.

WinspiroPro Home Care Screenshoots

Wireless technology

The benefits of being always connected

Even health and well being can benefit from the advantages offered by wireless technology.
Remote control can help take preventive measures to reduce relapse, hospitalization and outpatient appointments, thereby reducing associated costs..

Spirotel® and Qualcomm Life
Integration with 2Net Hub®

2net® from Qualcomm Life is a platform for digital health monitoring, based on wireless technology.
Any data collected by the various medical devices used by at-home patients are transferred to a telemedicine portal used by home healthcare providers to be monitored by healthcare professionals.
The data produced and saved by Spirotel® are automatically and quickly scanned via the 2Net Hub® Bluetooth® device installed in the patient's home, and made available at a Qualcomm Life cloud-based datacentre.
The data transfer system uses encryption methods that ensure excellent levels of security and reliability.
The 2Net platform, together with the underlying infrastructure, is designed in compliance with European directives to ensure that data can be stored and transmitted securely and confidentially. Everything happens quickly and simply without the need of any manual skill on the part of the patient.