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Interpreting spirometry results using Z-score and LLN

To define the LLN and the Z-Score is necessary to introduce the concept of STANDARD DEVIATION:
The STANDARD DEVIATION (SD) is a measure of how spread out numbers are from their EXPECTED MEAN VALUE< (...)

The idea of wireless health is now inevitable.

We live in an era in which everything's connected. Even our health and wellbeing are benefiting from wireless technology which, through remote control, enables prevention measures to be takenwith a vi (...)

Enabling the GLI (Global Lung Function Initiative)

MIR winspiroPRO software aligns to the most advanced international standards in respiratory medicine, enabling the GLI (Global Lung Function Initiative) equations referred to multi-ethnic reference va (...)

Sleep apnea: a journey through its many troubles and related diseases.

It seems incredible, from scientific journals and non, we are continuously learning of new diseases closely correlated with sleep-disordered breathing. There is virtually no organ in the human body th (...)

Did you know that sleep apnea can do more damage than earthquakes and tornadoes?

When we think of disasters and economic consequences, our mind immediately goes to events such as tornadoes or earthquakes that in a country like the U.S. cause an average annual cost of 5-6 billion d (...)

Cheyne Stokes Syndrome diagnosed with a 3D oximeter

A patient with severe heart failure had a resting SpO2 values ​​at the lower limit of normal , but had brief episodes of desaturation ( SpO2 falls ) as if hypo ventilated.

He also reporte (...)